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Anemoy Launches Onchain U.S. Treasury Bills Offering

Liquid Treasury Fund is Anemoy’s first pool on Centrifuge, providing low risk and high return opportunity for investors

Today Anemoy, a web3 native asset manager that provides exposure to a spectrum of superior assets, launched its first pool on Centrifuge, a short-term Liquid Treasury Fund. The regulated, fully onchain, and actively managed fund provides direct access to US Treasury Yield, empowering investors to earn returns on idle stablecoins. The fund holds US Treasury Bills (T-bills) with a maximum maturity of six months and offers daily redemptions.

"Our goal with this fund is to maximize interest rates and minimize price and duration risks," said Martin Quensel, CEO and co-founder of Anemoy. “We're excited to bring investment-grade offerings seamlessly onchain with institutional-quality that suits the needs of professional investors.“

Anemoy has launched the Liquid Treasury Fund at a time of increasing demand: Bloomberg reported that "buyers have easily soaked up the $1.56 trillion of Treasury bills issued this year." That demand includes the DeFi world, and for good reason — Coin Metrics reports that around $150 billion of assets are in stablecoins, earning paltry returns.

This Liquid Treasury Fund from Anemoy provides the opportunity to earn higher yields while minimizing investment risk. It provides a range of benefits, including:

  • Daily Liquidity: The fund offers daily redemptions in USDC.
  • Direct Ownership: The token serves as evidence of ownership, allowing cost-efficient redemptions and providing legal claims on assets.
  • Investor Protection: Prospective investors must adhere to the Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering requirements of a BVI-regulated fund, ensuring a secure and transparent investment environment.Investment
  • Transparency: Centrifuge provides near real-time onchain visibility of holdings, returns, and tokenized U.S. Treasury Bills.

Fund shares are issued through Centrifuge and can be held on supported chains — beginning with Ethereum and Polkadot, and soon including Arbitrum, Base, and more.

"We believe that Anemoy by using Centrifuge as blockchain and DeFi infrastructure and our novel legal framework and structure provides the best in class option for onchain investing in T-bills." said Quensel.

A multi-time startup founder, Quensel brings a shrewd and meticulous approach to Anemoy honed from his experience building and scaling Centrifuge and previously co-founding Taulia and Ebydos, two fintech startups with phenomenal growth and successful exits. Anemoy takes a new approach to asset management by enabling the efficiencies and innovation of onchain finance while abstracting away the complexity.

In the coming weeks, Anemoy will announce investments from leading DAO treasuries and protocols. Interested in investing? Learn more here.