Anemoy is a web3 native asset manager providing investors with exposure to a broad spectrum of superior assets.

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At Anemoy, we combine deep expertise in traditional finance with a forward-thinking approach to blockchain and Web3 to bring a unique asset management offering. Purpose-built to merge high-yielding investment opportunities with innovative technology solutions, Anemoy unlocks value for all.

Investment Diversification

Institutional grade investment opportunities.

Tech Enabled

Operational efficiencies and savings through blockchain technology.

Tokenized Ownership

Invest with stablecoins and manage your portfolio onchain.

Investment Visibility

View fund holdings at the asset level directly onchain with live data.


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Anemoy Launches Onchain U.S. Treasury Bills Offering

Today Anemoy, a web3 native asset manager that provides exposure to a spectrum of superior assets, launched its first pool on Centrifuge, a short-term Liquid Treasury Fund. The regulated, fully onchain, and actively managed fund provides direct access to US Treasury Yield, empowering investors to earn returns on idle stablecoins..

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