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Anemoy Liquid Treasury Fund is a regulated, fully onchain actively managed fund for direct access to <6 month US Treasury Yield.

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Benefits previously not possible onchain or off

Merge portfolio transparency, onchain settlement, multi-chain access, composability and low-fees with low-risk, high liquidity yields. Meet Anemoy.

Anemoy’s  approach to tokenized t-bills bring unmatched investor protection and opportunity.

Daily Liquidity

The fund balances monthly, offers daily redemptions, holds  US T-Bills with a max maturity of 6-months, and focuses on maximizing interest rates and minimizing price and duration risks.

  • Minimized duration risk
  • Maximized US treasury yield
  • Investments and redemptions in USDC
Daily Liquidity

Direct Ownership

The token represents an ownership share in the Fund. It is prima facie evidence of ownership under BVI law in the same way as a share certificate would be.

  • Allows redemptions-in-kind
  • Reduced intermediaries result in lower costs
  • Legal claims on the assets under management
Direct Ownership

Investment Transparency

Investors will have the ability to view their holdings and returns, and overall fund composition via Centrifuge in near real-time, which can be further verified onchain.

  • Fully onchain
  • Single fund holdings and fund portfolio in near real-time
  • All purchased U.S. Treasury Bills are tokenized and monitorable onchain
Investment Transparency

Investor Protection

The fund is approved and regulated by the BVI Financial Services Commission (BVI FSC). Anemoy works with an independent prime broker, custodian, tokenization and issuance and fund admin service providers.

  • Registered and regulated fund and service providers
  • End-to-end compliant and robust structure
  • Bankruptcy remote SPV
Investor Protection

DeFi Native

Anemoy was started by the Centrifuge founder who brings years of experience building regulated and composable products, working with the DeFi heavyweights like MakerDAO and Aave.

  • Fund share issuance follows the  proposed 7540 standard, an extension of the ERC-4626 standard which issues ERC-20 tokens
  • Fund shares held as tokens on investor’s chain of choice (Ethereum, Base, Arbitrum, and more)
DeFi Native

flow of funds

Simple, seamless and verified

Investors can subscribe to the BVI offering directly from their wallets.


Start earning today

Anemoy brings institutional-grade investment opportunities seamlessly onchain in a safe, reliable and compliant way. Start earning risk-free returns today.

View  Liquid Treasury Fund in the Centrifuge app.

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