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Anemoy Acquires NBRHD Capital

Martin Quensel of Anemoy teams up with Anil Sood of Neighbourhood Capital through a strategic acquisition furthering Anemoy's mission to build financial markets for the onchain era.

Anemoy, a web3 native asset manager that provides exposure to a spectrum of superior assets, strategically acquires Neighbourhood (NBRHD) Capital. NBRHD is an onchain asset manager that provides a curated platform for RWA investment opportunities. This acquisition, championed by NBRHD’s Founder, Anil Sood, who now joins Anemoy as Co-Founder, is a significant step in Anemoy’s mission to build financial markets for the onchain era. 

Anil joins Anemoy as a seasoned professional with over two decades of operational, trading, and distribution experience in capital markets. He has held senior roles at leading financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Barclays, and was also a partner at Cantor Fitzgerald. Anil has expertise in ETF market-making, having successfully built and managed market-making franchises at Knight Capital and Cantor Fitzgerald. Additionally, his leadership in the creation, development, and implementation of trading and distribution strategies across EMEA, will be instrumental in supporting the next phase of Anemoy’s growth. 

Anemoy leverages the Centrifuge infrastructure to tokenize and distribute assets, ensuring a full-service asset management solution for clients. In the past few months, they’ve launched a Liquid Treasury Fund and DeFi Yield Fund of Funds, quickly raising over $12m in AUM. Anemoy’s vision is to bring a diverse spectrum of high-quality credit assets to investors. NBRHD’s capabilities for investing in tokenized alternative assets such as music rights, collectibles, fine art, real estate, and private equity integrate seamlessly into Anemoy’s roadmap.

Anemoy's vision is to seamlessly integrate traditional financial markets with the opportunities offered by onchain asset allocation. This move will create a robust, immutable investment ecosystem, eliminating the typical information asymmetry investors face in traditional markets. By digitizing an asset issuance's entire lifecycle, Anemoy aims to bring better transparency, composability and opportunities to the financial sector as a whole, paving the way for a more efficient and inclusive financial future. 

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